NHS and E Cigarettes Pros and Cons

 Make no mistake, e cigarettes are becoming more popular each day. These devices are sometimes referred to as vape pens, and they work by allowing you to get your dose of nicotine in a new way. E cigarettes work by heating a blended substance, often referred to as “juice,” and turning it into vapor that you can inhale like cigarette smoke. These juices come in a variety of flavors and scents, and they range in price. One of the important aspects of the juice is that you can choose how many milligrams of nicotine you want in it. This allows you to gradually decrease the levels.

However, there are some issues that might be considered cons. For starters, there have not been enough longterm studies conducted in order to determine the implications of serious health issues years down the road. While we have longterm information regarding the affects tobacco smoke on the lungs, e cigarettes simply have not been around long enough. It will take a few more years to determine if people can be harmed from using these devices over an extended period of time.

Nicotine poisoning is a very real possibility, especially as it relates to kids. The marketing of e cigarettes has been done very carefully to prevent kids from choosing to start using vape pens. Critics argue that the catchy devices with vibrant colors and an endless assortment of juices, is just too enticing for curious kids. There have been reports of nicotine overdoses in some kids who got hold of the juice. Although this does not seem to be a widespread problem, there is still a high risk factor involved. It’s best to always keep your e cigarette and juices far out of reach of kids to prevent nicotine poisoning. This is the best way to keep your family safe.

A quality pro for e cigarettes is that they do enable you to gradually lower your nicotine doses. The juices are made with different milligrams of nicotine, including 4, 6, 8, and 12 milligrams as the most common. Gradually, a heavy smoker can switch to e cigarettes and lower their nicotine levels over the next several weeks. Eventually, you can choose the vape juice which contains no nicotine. These juices which contain a lower amount of nicotine often taste the best as well. When e cigarettes are used as smoke cessation devices, they are actually worth the investment.

Even though all of the health benefits have not been confirmed, there does seem to be some important pros for e cigarettes. The devices do keep away carcinogens and tar. Smokers often get cancer from the carcinogens found in burning tobacco, and the juice used in many e cigarettes does not contain them. Additionally, tar is absent from the juice. Tar builds up within the lungs and blocks passage ways. It often leads to other severe illnesses, and it is tough to get rid of it. Juices used in e cigarettes do not expose you to these harmful agents.