The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) is comprised of patient groups, universities, scientific societies, foundations, and industry organizations that seek to cure disease and alleviate suffering. Our mission includes:

  • Educating the general public and policy makers about breakthrough research and technologies in regenerative medicine; and
  • Promoting the expansion of embryonic stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer.

As a member of CAMR, groups are entitled to:

  • Invitations to meetings with select offices on Capitol Hill to discuss embryonic stem cell research and SCNT;
  • Regular legislative alerts on embryonic stem cell research and SCNT that can be shared with your members;
  • Listing on CAMR’s website and a direct link to your institution’s website URL;
  • Ability to participate in events with CAMR;
  • Regular opportunities for media exposure through interviews with your institution’s members or leaders;
  • Regular emails of important national news articles on embryonic stem cell research and SCNT;
  • Regular membership meetings; and
  • Visibility as a leader in helping to shape national policy on this critical issue.

CAMR welcomes all non-partisan organizations that share our mission. Members contribute annual membership dues, and are encouraged to actively participate in advancing the Coalition's goals. If you are interested in joining CAMR, please contact us at for more information.